This beauty is what I bought in Paris. I have craved for a small Balenciaga bag for a long time now, and decided to go for a bit untraditional color.



Here is a small sneak peek on what I bought in Paris! 
I just arrived in southern France, but I’ll take some pictures of ‘the real deal’ as soon as possible, maybe already tomorrow! 
By now, I can reveal that the content  is something from my July wishlist, that you can find in my previous posts from July.




Shirt // Stig P. Dress // Zara.
My second day here in Paris has been kind of hectic! We had planned a lot of shopping, and my first hours went by shopping in sneakers shops with my brother and boyfriend. Afterwards I got ill, very ill! I only had energy to visit one store to make an expensive buy – and then I took a taxi back to the hotel. I’ll show you my new buy soon! 



Shirt // Maché (similar here) Skirt // Zara. Bag // Balenciaga. Sandals // Birkenstock
I’ve finally arrived in Paris after a loooong drive! My boyfriend, my brother and I are going to spend some days here in Paris, before we drive to my grandmother’s house in Cannes. 
We spend our first day here window shopping, and I’ve already planned what I’m going to buy tomorrow! I’m so exited! 

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