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Shirt from SKALL STUDIO. Jeans from 2ND ONE. Shoes from CELINE (similar HERE) Bag bought in France.


A shirt and a pair of jeans is pretty much my everyday uniform at the moment. I’ve finally found the perfect white shirt from Skall Studio. It has a perfect fit and some great details and then it’s sustainable! What’s not to love?



Yesterday I had one of the best facial treatments in my life! The Natura Sibirica store on Østergade in Copenhagen has just opened their Spa – and it’s truly worth a recommendation!

For the amount of 200 dkk, you’ll get on hour of a fresh spa facial treatment, done by the sweet cosmetologist Theresa. She will mix fresh herbs into the luxurious Natura Sibica products, so it will fit your skin type. When the treatment begins you will lay down looking up to the beautiful glass sealing, surrounded by calming music and the fantastic smell of the fresh natural herbs.
It starts with a facial cleansing, a pealing, a mask and will end by a wonderful facial massage – all chosen to fit your skin type.

It’s the first time I have experienced a facial treatment where the price is actually affordable! A perfect way to spoil your self once in a while. And furthermore a perfect gift to give your friends.
Bonus fact: If you buy products for 400 dkk afterwards, the treatment will be free!

Besides the fresh spa treatment, they also offers a black caviar treatment for the amount of 400 dkk, for the mature skin type – a perfect gift for your mother!
Bonus fact: If you buy products for 600 dkk afterwards, the treatment will be free!

Go check out their website here, to find more information: Naturasiberica.ru/dk



Shirt from ZARA. Dress from & OTHER STORIES. Sandals from BIRKENSTOCK. Le Filt bag.

It’s my fifth day here in France, and I have only got two days left, before I head back home… I’ve spend the days shopping on an antique market in Nice, bought a vintage YSL shirt and some stuff for my home. And then I’ve been road tripping along the sea, and seen the most beautiful nature and french architecture.




Jeans from SANDRO. Sandals from MADS NØRGAARD

A picture of my third day in France walking around in the city Bagnols en Foret, where my summerhouse is. I went to the Sandro store in Saint Tropez yesterday, and bought these cool jeans, now I’m wearing them all the time, when I’m supposed to wear shorts so I can get some tan on my legs…

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