T-shirt from LEVI’S (similar HERE). Skirt from LOVECHILD 1979. Sunglasses from ASOS.

Right now, I’m enjoying some quiet night in my aunts house while my apartment is being renovated. This is my favorite outfit at the moment, a feminine skirt and a vintage t-shirt.


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T-shirt from VANESSA SEWARD. Shoes from TOPSHOP. Swimsuit from WEEKDAY

Southern France is definitely my favorite place to spend my summer. I go to my family’s summerhouse every year, and though I would share my favorite tips to the area.


1 Find a nice beach! Avoid the ones in Cannes and Nice, they are filled with tourists! We like to drive by the sea and find some small spots with a lot of cliffs and not so many people. This year we went to a beach close to Les Issambres, with no tourists at all!


2 Shopping: Go to Saint Tropez and Cannes if you want to shop. Cannes has everything from Zara to Celine. In Saint Tropez you will only find the expensive stores – but it’s a visit worth.


I can also recommend a visit in Grasse. They are known for their perfume stores. I go there every year to buy my two signature perfumes. My favorite one is called “petite nana” and it’s from one of the stores on the small and narrow streets.


Another must, according to shopping in France, is the pharmacies! You’ll find all the french beauty products like Bioderma, Nuxe and Avene to an really affordable price.


3 Beautiful places to visit: If you drive along the coast from Cannes to Frejus, you will drive by the beautiful city Mandelieu. This city has one of the most beautiful views from the cliffs, and then you can see the bubble house of Pierre Cardin up in the mountains. I was so overwhelmed when I first saw it.


You can also visit the Picasso museum in Antibes. It has a beautiful location, beautiful architecture and beautiful art inside.


4 Antiques: If you’re not staying in Nice, then visit Nice on a monday, where you’ll find an big antique market every monday. The address is Cours Saleya, and here you will find everything from french furniture, to vintage jewlerys and vintage designer bags.
This year I bought a vintage YSL shirt for 30 euros, a lithograph, a gold ring with three diamonds and a french vase.


Rent a car! The French landscape is so beautiful! Rent a car and drive around to all the small towns and by the coast – that’s the best way to experience France.


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Shirt from SKALL STUDIO. Jeans from 2ND ONE. Shoes from CELINE (similar HERE) Bag bought in France.


A shirt and a pair of jeans is pretty much my everyday uniform at the moment. I’ve finally found the perfect white shirt from Skall Studio. It has a perfect fit and some great details and then it’s sustainable! What’s not to love?



Yesterday I had one of the best facial treatments in my life! The Natura Sibirica store on Østergade in Copenhagen has just opened their Spa – and it’s truly worth a recommendation!

For the amount of 200 dkk, you’ll get on hour of a fresh spa facial treatment, done by the sweet cosmetologist Theresa. She will mix fresh herbs into the luxurious Natura Sibica products, so it will fit your skin type. When the treatment begins you will lay down looking up to the beautiful glass sealing, surrounded by calming music and the fantastic smell of the fresh natural herbs.
It starts with a facial cleansing, a pealing, a mask and will end by a wonderful facial massage – all chosen to fit your skin type.

It’s the first time I have experienced a facial treatment where the price is actually affordable! A perfect way to spoil your self once in a while. And furthermore a perfect gift to give your friends.
Bonus fact: If you buy products for 400 dkk afterwards, the treatment will be free!

Besides the fresh spa treatment, they also offers a black caviar treatment for the amount of 400 dkk, for the mature skin type – a perfect gift for your mother!
Bonus fact: If you buy products for 600 dkk afterwards, the treatment will be free!

Go check out their website here, to find more information:

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